David About Team Kopie

David Zeitvogel:

„I wish, that we will keep on holding on to the values, which are important for us and that our success is founded on a harmonic relationship and is not determined by thoughts of profit. “Umoja” shall be a role model and shall motivate others as well as give them the courage to start their own projects. Therefore we want to push the development in and around Rethy.” David is not only the director of Umoja but also a trained electrician and looks after all electronic installations in factory and house. His native country is Germany, but he himself is regularly travelling in Africa since 2008 and has done several projects together with the mission organization Diguna. His responsibilities cover amongst personal and distribution as well the training of the co-workers in the field of management.   Simon About Team Kopie

Simon Zeitvogel:

„I hope that in the future the project Umoja will not only pay for itself but will make a further development or rather enlargement possible to secure the future for our co-workers or rather friends and their families in the long term. Furthermore, I wish that the skills, which our employees acquire within Umoja, will help them as well in their personal life.” Simon is director of Umoja too and takes together with David all important decisions in context with the firm, new investments or questions of personnel management (human resource management). As a trained process mechanic he is not only responsible for process optimization and quality control but his tasks are as well the training of the co-workers in the field of coffee production. He is David’s youngest brother and therefore is also coming from Germany.   Samuel About Team Kopie

Samuel Zeitvogel:

Samuel already finished his Bachelor of Science in informatics and will now start the master studies. He is the head behind Umoja and has developed the database and the software system for purchasing, production and distribution while still studying. Like his two brothers he is coming from Germany and is not only giving software and technical support locally but is even while being in Germany constantly linked with Umoja via Internet. His main duty is the support and the further development of database and software.       Saula About Team Kopie

Saula Tchombe:

Umoja is a blessing and a gift of God. My wish is to help Umoja growing and developing.” Saula is as the deputy director in the absence of Simon and David responsible for all matters concering  Umoja. He has already gathered work experience as a teacher, a watchman and as a secretary in a health institution. Within Umoja, he is representing an important part in the responsibilities. Recently he is not only bookkeeper but is also taking care of the work scheduling and monitoring of the work processes. He is in charge of distribution and customer contact, but is as well supporting in production when an extra worker is needed. Saula is from Rethy, where he is currently living with his family. Saula is the contact person between Umoja and the surroundings like the local church.   DjawothoAboutTeam

Djawotho Christopher:

Djawotho is employed since March 2012. He is mainly working in the field of production. His duties are the preparation of the raw coffee beans like a second phase of drying after the purchase and the removing of the husks as well as the subsequent sorting out by hand. Apart from roasting and packing he is also taking care of maintenance and cleaning of the factory and the surrounding area. He is from Rethy and is living there with his family.

Further persons:

In this context a very special thank you goes to all other indirect team members, family and friends, who are supporting us with all their gifts and talents, standing beside us with their help in words and deeds and as well accompany us with their prayers. We hope that furthermore we can know you behind us and wish that furthermore we can let you participate in Umoja and our vision.