The Coffee:

Under the name of ‘Umoja’, the company E.A.T.A.C.-S.P.A.L. distributes three differently sized packages of roasted coffee: 500 g, 125 g and 15 g.
Two different grinding degrees are available on application for ground coffee but there also is the possibility to get whole coffee beans. The super fine ground – for the variant of Turkish coffee – is for stirring into hot water directly, the fine ground is for coffeemakers of all kinds, and whole beans can be ordered i.e. for automatic coffee machines.


The packaging was designed in Germany and made in China. It is made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and PE (Polyethylene) and is aluminum coated on the inside. For the outside design, the colours of the Congolese flag, red, blue and yellow, were used, on purpose of highlighting the product’s regional provenance. The meaning of the name ‘Umoja’, which is friendship and community, stands for the German-Congolese teamwork. The language of the packaging is French on the front side, since Congo, being a former Belgian colony, has kept French as official language. On the back side, the text is English, because of the proximity to the Ugandan border.


Large Package:

The 125 g package is Umoja’s first product. It possesses a one-way valve for the outgassing of the coffee. The coffee can be packaged directly after roasting, there’s no necessity of intermediate storing. Additionally, there’s a zip-lock for relocking the package, to avoid the loss of flavour after opening the package. Also, because of this property, the package can be used for storage of e.g. sugar, flour or other foods after its actual use.

Small Package:

Since October 2012, there now is a small package with a filling weight of 15 g. The small package is filled exclusively with the super fine ground. The package is meant to primarily cater the local people.Seit Oktober 2012 gibt es nun auch eine kleine Packung mit 15 g Füllgewicht. In ihr wird ausschließlich super feines Kaffeepulver abgefüllt. Die Packung soll vor allem die lokale Bevölkerung erreichen.